About Us


Our Company, TAFSAN TOURS AND TRAVELS LIMITED is an affiliate Company to Nasrulahi-il-Fatih Society of Nigeria, a foremost Islamic organization commonly known as NASFAT. The Company was incorporated in June 2005 as a Limited Liability Company with the sole aim of organizing, arranging and taking Muslim faithful on holy pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia for the mandatory Hajj and Umrah (lesser Hajj) spiritual exercises. The Company was incorporated with a Ten (10) Million Naira only authorized share capital and this was subsequently increased to Thirty (30) Million Naira only with the creation of additional Twenty (20) Million ordinary shares ofN1.00 each, and out of which Ten (10) Million Naira is already paid-up. The Company’s objects are among others to;

  • To carry on the business of pilgrims’ agents, travel and tourism agents, to provide booking, reservation, routing and ticketing facilities for travel by any means of transportation, and to engage in baggage management and acts as travel insurance agents;
  • To provide any service capable of assisting travelers, including counseling on immigration procedures, assisting in procuring visa and travel documents, engaging in program and itinerary formulation and hotel reservations. To engage in the business of tour operators in general.

Our Company’s entrance into the tours and travels industry has created competition thereby improving service delivery with every operator craving for competitive advantages. Over the years Company has obtained IATA certification and also received commendations from the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, Islamic clerics and leaders and its numerous customers.

Apart from the conventional umrah and hajj services, the Company is currently exploiting possibilities of conducting of special umrah services during Islamic festivals, educational and spiritual excursions to notable historical Islamic scenes and centers around the world.


The Company has  airlifted the following numbers of pilgrims on holy pilgrimage in the last six years ;

2018           450 Pilgrims

2019           570 Pilgrims

2020          No Hajj due to Covid

2021            No Hajj due to Covid

2022           100 Pilgrims

2023           585 Pilgrims


Tafsan Tours and Travels Limited is a licenced IATA agent, member of Association for Hajj and Umrah Operators of Nigeria and National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies.



Tafsan Tours and Travels Limited operate in a hospitality industry but specifically in an Islamic religion inclined tours and travels sector. The Company provides the needed logistics support to the Muslim Community in Nigeria for the purpose of fulfilling their religious obligations and also enhancing their spiritual attainment.

The tours and travels business in Nigeria is growing based on the emerging nature of the Nigerian economy. Besides, Nigerians tends to be highly mobile and adventurous in nature.  Also, the Government bends towards privatization of the industry has encouraged more private participation. More importantly, hajj is a religious obligation prescribed for the Muslim at least once in a life time, while umrah (lesser hajj) is a well-recognized avenue to offer supplications to God Almighty in a serene and pristine environment. So, the quest for travel to the Holy land of Mecca and Medina is unending.
The customer base of the Company is primarily derived from the congregation of its parent organization, NASFAT. Today, NASFAT boasts of more than ten (10) million members nationwide, about four million five hundred thousand (4.5) in other Africa countries and about three million (3) outside in other part of the world. Nearly all Muslims are desirous of performing hajj in a life time and those who can afford it perform their own even yearly. Umrah on its part has become everyday religious activities as more Muslims are desirous to going to Mecca and Medina to offer supplication to their Lord in a more conducive environment.
The Company is also in a working relationship with some splinter Islamic organizations to airlift their members on holy pilgrimage.   With the unparallel services being offered by the Company in the recent past, it has become a preferred tour operator to many Muslims.
With the available good and sustainable customer base, the Company has been maintaining a fair and affordable pricing regime for its services and this has been a source of worries to the competitors. The Company’s pricing when compared with services and facilities being rendered to the pilgrims in the Holy Land is always competitive compared to those of the competitors and this has continued to attract more customers to the Company.
Also, the Company airlift its pilgrims through Emirate Airline, Qatar Airway and other five-star carriers, provides convenient and comfortable accommodation, local transportation, good medical and welfare services and serves Nigerian dishes to its pilgrims while in the Holy Land.
The Company has functional offices in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kaduna and Iwo. NASFAT branches nationwide provide the much-needed correspondent offices for the Company throughout Nigeria and beyond.  The Company also deploys the required IT facilities, other modern business equipment and an operation vehicle for its operations to enhance service delivery.
Basically, Company’s hajj exercises are concluded within twenty days from the date of departure. An Umrah circle is normally completed within ten to fifteen days.

Our Vision

To become the reference quality service provider in the Islamic compliant segment of the Nigerian Tours and Travels business on a sustainable basis

Our Mission

To promote the realization of a Muslim lifetime goal of hitch free pilgrimage to the Holy Land through committed delivery of exceptional logistic support services


Spiritual Uplift





To provide convenience to pilgrims and other tour customers and assist them to realize their travel goals seamlessly